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“Thank you Dr. Sebi for introducing my family and I to a healthier way of life!”

Angel Paschall

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“I live through you”
Upon receiving the devastating news that our teacher, world healer, family and friend to so many, had passed on to transition out of his physical body – it brought great sadness and heavy hearts around the world. Through this sad and heartbreaking circumstances, love has been constant in our hearts and we wish it remains the same for everyone else. We, at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food, can truly feel the love and pouring support from the community that Dr. Sebi has affected in his own special way.
With your support Dr. Sebi’s legacy will not cease to exist. Fortunately, Dr. Sebi transmitted his knowledge to his disciples at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food who have learned directly from Dr. Sebi and will maintain his knowledge, philosophy and formulas intact. It is our duty at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food to continue with his legacy.
He wanted to bring unity amongst all people and he expressed that through his selfless acts of love through healing. Please spread his legacy and philosophy in a positive, harmonious and humanitarian way, just like the Great Healer wished it to be.
We, at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food, ask that his customers, followers, friends, family and community attempt to live his legacy through LOVE and UNITY. #spreadtheword #drsebilegacy



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We help families of all shapes and sizes build unity and find love at home. 

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Being a parent is hard. You can lean on us for advice on a wide range of topics related to child rearing.

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